Ventura County Council Awards

Conservation Good Turn Award
The Conservation Good Turn is an opportunity for Cub Scout packs to join with a conservation or environmental organization (federal, state, local, or private) to carry out a conservation Good Turn in their home communities. The agency identifies a worthwhile and needed project that the unit can accomplish. The patch can be worn as a temporary insignia or on the patch vest.

National Summertime Award
The National Summertime Award encourage packs to provide a year-round program by continuing to meet during the time periods when school is out of session for several weeks or months. Cub Scouts earn this pin by participating in three summertime pack events (one each in June, July, and August). The form can be found here

The National Den Award
This Award recognizes dens that conduct a quality, year-round program. Service projects, field trips, character development, and Cub Scout camping are areas that are emphasized. Dens earn the award as a team, not as individual den members. The recognition is a ribbon for the den flag or den doodle. All Cub Scouts (Tigers through Webelos) may earn this. Learn more at

Healthy Unit Award
Personal fitness is one of the aims of Scouting. To show a commitment to this value and earn the SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award, follow three healthy practices at all meetings and gatherings: Snack smart: Serve fruits or vegetables, when you have snacks (three meetings). Drink right: Make water the main beverage (six meetings). Move more: Include 15 minutes of fun physical activity (nine meetings). For more information and trackers can be found here

Scouting's Journey to Excellence
Scoutings Journey to Excellence is the BSAs new council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It is replacing the Centennial Quality Awards Program as a means of encouraging excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA. More information can be found here

International Spirit Award
The International Spirit award seeks to broaden knowledge of international Scouting and increase appreciation and awareness of different cultures and countries. Full requirements can be found here

William T. Hornaday Unit Award
A pack may earn this award by doing a big, special conservation project. More than half of the pack's members must take part. This award is granted through the Conservation Service of the BSA National Council. Packs must apply for the award through their local council.

Earthquake Perparedness
Designed as an age-appropriate achievement that can be earned by any registered Cub Scout in the Ventura County Council (once only)while he is active in the Cub Scout program. It is a temporary patch, which may be worn on the uniform in the appropriate place. See the Ventura County Council patch book for more information.

Cub Day Hiker
The award awarded from the Ventura County Council, is designed to promote the outdoor program in the Cub Pack and give recognition to participants. Full requirements can be found at the Ventura County Council High Adventure Team website.

Cub Ranger
This award is designed to supplement the cubbing program, especially in the summer months. Cubs, Webelos, Den Chefs and registered adult scouters may earn this award by completing all the requirements. This award cannnot be earned in conjunction with any other High Adventure Award. Full requirements can be found at the Ventura County Council High Adventure Team website.

Big Sycamore Canyon
This hike award is designed as a supplement to the CUB DAY HIKER award for those units who undertake an active hiking program, and it provides an added level of recognition to promote continued interest in the outdoor program. The basic patch may be earned only once, but for units that schedule this hike periodically, repeat hikers may be recognized by being allowed to wear a repeat numeral in the sky area of the patch under the word "SCOUT". Full requirements can be found at the Ventura County Council High Adventure Team website.


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